The History of Island Grove Chorus

In August of 1988, sixteen Sweet Adeline members decided to form their own group.

 In the fall of 1988 they rented the hall at United Church of Christ in Abington and

 named the chorus “Island Grove Chorus”, in reference to the historical part of the town.

 Lois Faustino was temporary director until they voted in Joan Desmond for a permanent one.

In February 1989, Mary Ann Ferazzi came to visit and check out the prospective chorus

 and give her advice. In the fall of 1989, the “Golden Ticket” quartet was formed with

Joan Desmond, Nancy Desmond, Christine Mitchell and Martha Robinson.

In early 1990, Marge Bennett and Clare Holland came to hear our sound,

 and Mary Anne Ferazzi returned during the summer to see if we had the numbers

 to be chartered. Island Grove got their charter August 13, 1991. The ladies worked

 really hard with many fund raisers to buy risers, pay hall rental and other expenses.

1992 the chorus started the “Mary Rideout Memorial Scholarship” award. Mary

 had been a founding member and was the mother of Chris Ferguson,

Director of Royal River chorus, and Lisa Rideout, both members of “Celebrate Quartet.”

 In the fall of 1992, “Razz-Ma-Tazz” quartet with Carol Driscoll, Laura Gottron,

Margaret Hatch and Betty Maree performed for the first time in public. 1995,

 the chorus started helping support the Battered Women’s shelter in Brockton.

 1996 Island Grove Chorus received an award for the largest percentage

 membership growth in Region #1. A new quartet, “South Shore Savvy”

was formed with Joan Desmond, Nancy Desmond, Pat Hoitt and Cory Winters.

Pat was also appointed Assistant Director that year.

1997 the chorus started the “Laura Gottron Award” given to a member of the chorus

 who contributed the most for that year. Laura was a President; bass section leader,

 a great friend, good will ambassador and a great asset to the chorus. This award is

 given to honor her memory, her love of singing, her love of the chorus and its members.

1998 was a special year as Island Grove Chorus was named most improved small chorus

 at regional competition. The score was 68 points above the previous year’s score.

We also won 2nd place small chorus under the direction of Joan Desmond, Assistant

 Director Pat Hoitt and choreographer, Jennifer Swinhart. Joan served as Director for 15 years.

May 2003, our assistant director, Pat Hoitt was voted our new director with

Cory Winters as assistant director. We currently have 26 active members, 2 of

these are charter members, Betty Maree and Judy Wilmot.

2005 Essential Blend Quartet with Sara Freedman, Doreen Hearsey,

Pat Hoitt and Danielle Neil was started.

2006 The Island Grove chorus gained regional attention when the winter issue

of Tags and Swipes featured a front page tribute to Betty Maree.

B.Maree, Historian